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Dharmasthala history


Dharmasthala is a beautiful temple town resting on the banks of the Netravati river in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, it is one of the most religious towns in the state. Dharmasthala is well known for the revered Manjunatha temple, which is dedicated to lord Manjunatha, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. With Vaishavate priests in charge of worshipping, the Shaivate centre is administered by a hereditary Jain family. This presents a remarkable picture of communal, religious, and cultural harmony in the town. Being a popular pilgrimage destination, Dharmasthala hosts thousands of tourists every year who visit the pious place to experience its spiritual significance and cultural heritage. Besides the Manjunatha temple, many tourists and pilgrims also visit the Sri Chandranatha Swamy Basadi, Manjusha Museum, Kukke Subramanya, and some more destinations. Both tourists and pilgrims give great importance to booking hotel accommodations while they are visiting a place. Having a comfortable stay not only ensures their safety but also allows them to rest well and explore the temples and other sightseeing places in peace. Since the temperature of Dharmasthala, Karnataka  remains moderate to warm throughout the year, visitors prefer booking AC rooms in Dharmasthala.

Are you planning to visit the holy town this year?

Then keep reading this blog. This is a detailed guide that will provide you with all the important information that you need to book a comfortable, well-furnished AC accommodation in Dharmasthala. Not only do we share how to book rooms in Dharmasthala online but we also talk about other associated details. 

So without further delay let’s go ahead. 

AC Rooms

Comfortable AC Accommodation in Dharmasthala

Many tourists underestimate the importance of booking air-conditioned rooms. A major reason behind this is that they fail to assess the temperature and climate of the place that they are visiting. Also the temperature variations across India make it even harder for them to decide. For example, while you might not need an air conditioner in the hill station of Dharamshala, having an  AC room in the coastal town of Dharmasthala will make you feel more comfortable.

The significance of a comfortable stay for pilgrims and tourists

The temperature of Dharmasthala ranges from 15  to 25 degrees Centigrade during winter months and hikes to more than 30 degrees during summer and monsoon months. Most pilgrims and tourists expose themselves to the hot weather while exploring Dharmasthala, visiting its temples, and partaking in spiritual practices. Most often they feel tired and exhausted. So, resting in  AC rooms in Dharmasthala can enhance your traveling experience (especially during the non-winter months)and wash-off the stress of the day. Moreover, a comfortable stay also ensures that you are rejuvenated and energized for the next day. 

How AC rooms enhance the Dharmasthala experience

As we were saying, staying in climate-controlled rooms undoubtedly uplifts your pilgrimage experience. Here is how they can help:

Better Sleep Quality

Having 6 to 8 hrs of sleep while you are traveling is crucial for an enjoyable trip. AC rooms maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night and ensure that you have a comfortable sleep. Waking up well-rested fills you with energy and helps you make the most of your day in Dharmasthala.

Reduced humidity

If you are visiting Dharmasthala during the monsoon season then the humidity might make you feel uncomfortable. So, during the monsoon months, AC rooms are the ideal choice as they not only cool the air but also maintain a pleasant indoor environment.

Productivity and Convenience

Nowadays many people work while traveling. Chilled rooms offer a conducive environment for productivity. Equipped with amenities like desks, Wi-Fis, and power outlets, these rooms help you to finish your work fast and ensure that you explore Dharmasthala stress-free.

Privacy and relaxation

AC rooms in Dharmasthala are equipped with modern amenities which contribute to a more enjoyable and stress-free experience. They allow you to relax in peace whenever you are not traveling.

Types of AC Rooms Available

While you book a hotel room online you often get a lot of options. From Standard AC rooms to suite AC rooms there are a whole range of rooms to choose from. So, in this segment we will explain to you about the different types of air conditioned rooms available in Dharmasthala. Having a clear understanding about this will help you make the right choice depending upon your requirement.

Standard AC Rooms: Basic amenities for budget travelers

Standard AC rooms are ideal for budget-conscious travelers who still want the comfort of a cool room. Usually, these rooms offer essential amenities such as clean bedding, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. If you are a solo traveler or a small family then picking a standard AC room provides a comfortable and affordable stay.

Deluxe AC Rooms: More space and added comfort

If you want a bit more space and comfort in your boarding facility then deluxe AC rooms are the best choice. These rooms typically feature additional amenities such as a larger bed, better furnishings, and sometimes even a small seating area. Couples and families seeking comfortable and relaxing stay can go for Deluxe AC Rooms in Dharmasthala.

Suite AC Rooms: Luxury and extra facilities for a premium stay

Suite AC Rooms are the best choice for travelers and pilgrims seeking a luxurious stay. These rooms are spacious, and often include a separate living area, premium furnishings, and extra amenities like a mini fridge, television, and enhanced decor. These rooms are perfect for guests who desire a lavish travel experience.

Features of AC Rooms

While booking an AC room you might wonder about the features that you can expect in them. The AC room facilities offered by different hotels vary depending on the prices and other aspects. However, some facilities are common across almost all these hotel rooms. We recommend that before online lodge booking you must clarify any questions related to AC room features. 

Now, let’s look at some of the common features of AC rooms in Dharmasthala.

Amenities Description
Climate All air-conditioned rooms come with efficient air conditioning systems.
Cleanliness Regular housekeeping to keep the room clean and hygienic.
Amenities Usually most rooms include amenities like:
  • Television
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mini fridge
  • Telephone
  • Stellar room service
  • Furniture
  • Blankets
Accessibility Many accommodations offer easy access to major attractions and temples. They often provide transportation facilities as well.
Safety Most hotels offer enhanced security measures to ensure a safe staying experience for all guests.

Step-by-step Guide on Booking AC Rooms in Dharmasthala

This is perhaps the most awaited segment of this blog. One of the primary arrangements that you make in your travel plans is to book a hotel room online or offline. The process of booking rooms can be a little overwhelming for new travelers and pilgrims. Do not worry! We are here to help. Now, let’s walk you through the steps of booking AC rooms in Dharmasthala:

  1. Research the hotels and lodges available in Dharmasthala:

    You can use websites like MakeMyTrip,, Agoda, or any other booking website; you can also use Google for this. Do not forget to check important factors like hotel reviews, ratings, and amenities.

  2. Visit official websites:

    After researching, you can visit the official websites of the shortlisted hotels to get more information about pricing, amenities, room availability, and more.

  3. Using online booking platforms:

    You can also take help from the above-mentioned booking websites to get this information.

  4. Select your room type:

    Based on your requirements and budget, you can select a fitting hotel and the right type of air-conditioned room.

  5. Check the availability:

    Finalize your travel dates and confirm the room availability. It is always better to book well in advance, especially during peak seasons.

  6. Fill in your details and make payment:

    Once you have decided on the hotel, you can move to the booking process. Fill in the details carefully, recheck the information, and then move to the payment page. Usually, most hotels have several payment options including the offer to pay at the hotel.

  7. Confirmation:

    Once you have made your payment, check for the confirmation. Most of the time hotels send confirmation via email and SMS.

  8. Contact the hotel:

    In case you have a special requirement or need to confirm any details, you can contact the hotel authority.

  9. Prepare for your stay:

    Prepare a list to include hotel check-in and check-out times to ensure that you do not miss any of them.


Dharmasthala is a popular religious travel destination in India. Every year people visit the respected Manjunatha Temple during festive times like Laksha Deepotsava  to witness and participate in the rituals. The desire to experience the holiness of the temple and devote themselves to prayer draws people closer to the town of Dharmasthala. If you are visiting Dharmasthala then you must be looking for safe and comfortable accommodation. In this blog we have shared every nitty-gritty about booking AC rooms in Dharmasthala. Whether you want to book cheap hotels online or are looking for luxurious rooms our step-by-step guide will make your room booking process smooth and hassle-free. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Book that room today and set out to seek a divine spiritual experience at Dharmasthala !  


Which are the top websites for booking AC rooms in Dharmasthala?

You can book a good AC accommodation in Dharmasthala through the following websites:

We have a dedicated blog on this topic, you can check it out at

Can I book cheap hotel rooms in Sri Dharmasthala?

Absolutely, you can. You will get different types of rooms under different budgets in Dharmasthala. Usually, most hotels offer standard AC rooms with basic amenities at a quite affordable range.

Which is the best season for visiting Dharmasthala?

It is better to visit Dharmasthala from November to April. During this time the weather is pleasant. So, it is comfortable to visit the temples and other places in Dharmasthala during this time. Also, the famous Laksha Deepotsava is celebrated in November/December; it features a grand celebration and vibrant cultural performances at the revered Manjunatha Temple.

How far in advance should I book my room in Dharmasthala?

We usually advise you to book your room 2 to 3 months in advance, especially if you are traveling during the peak season. Not only will this ensure room availability, but you will be able to book the rooms at an affordable rate. Always remember, the prices of rooms are the highest during the peak season.

What are the top 3 hotels at Sri Dharmasthala with air-conditioned rooms?

  • Parijatha Inn
  • Hotel Adithya View
  • Sri Ganesh Residency & Restaurant

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